What you get


Dedicated Property Manager

A single point of contact for ease of communication and complete accountability.

Owner Association Meetings

We can assist you in establishing your buildings Owner Association and are available to attend any meetings at your request.

Simple & Informative Invoicing

Always know what your paying for. Invoices are itemised and include commentary of expenditure.


RICS Building Condition Surveys

This survey gives an indication of when future repairs, maintenance, decoration and renewal of each part of the building should be anticipated.

Planned Maintenance Programmes

Our long-term maintenance and capital expenditure plans provide continual value for money and allow clients longer to save for expensive works.

Regular Property Inspections

We carry out more inspections than the vast majority of factors. Ensuring we can attend to any defects in their infancy - saving you money.


Industry Leading Response Times

We boast industry leading response times to inbound communications - 24hrs compared with the standard 7 days.

24/7 Emergency Support

We provide a roster of contractors who are available to deal with property emergencies outwith normal working hours.

Prompt Repair Status Updates

Our status updates ensure you stay up to date with the progress and finances of any common repairs.


Low Cost Buildings Insurance

Save your building £1000's with our zero commission insurance. Other factoring providers can charge between 10-40% .

Better Value Repairs

Achieve value for money and support your local community. Our expert local trades deliver quality and economical repairs.

Fair Fees & No Hidden Charges

We beleive effective factoring should be available to everyone, which is why we operate a fair pricing policy.