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Property factoring designed for homeowners

Discover how our bespoke property management services can protect and enhance the value of your home. We offer best-in-class property factoring services to homeowners, with proactive management, responsive customer service and unrivalled value for money.

  1. Introduction to your developments dedicated property manager
  2. Full breadth of resources is allocated to ensure historic issues are tackled immediately
  3. Reduce your insurance costs by 20-40% by removing commissions
  4. Retender common utilities and contracts to ensure best rates
  5. Identify outstanding repairs or maintenance and schedule their completion
  6. Implement capital expenditure plans for longer term maintenance requirements
  7. Manage added value projects such as redecoration or major works
  8. Manage cashflow and any arrears to ensure healthy development finances
  9. Assist owners in applying for any available grant funding for repairs, upgrades, etc…
  10. Establish an effective client engagement strategy with your homeowner group
  11. Provide regular reports on common business and hold regular meetings
  12. Continually seek your feedback and review our operations

Changing factor is easier than you might think.

A new approach to property factoring

We understand the importance of your property and the investment you’ve made. Our goal is to maximise the value and appeal of your asset while providing you with exceptional service every step of the way. With our tailored solutions, expert management, and commitment to transparency, we ensure that your property is well taken care of, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of hassle-free homeownership.

We don’t believe in commissions or endless hold times. Our expert team works to proactively manage your property maintenance, preventing issues wherever possible and fixing them promptly when they arise. What’s more, we work on a transparent, flat-fee pricing structure with no commissions or hidden charges – so you always know exactly where you stand. ​

At Sentry, we are committed to providing personalised and responsive services to every client. Each property manager handles a modest, select portfolio, allowing them to deliver bespoke factoring services tailored to your specific needs. We align our objectives with yours, regularly reviewing property performance to ensure we are working together towards a common goal.

Say goodbye to sub-par communications and endless hold times. At Sentry, we prioritise accessible and efficient communication. With your dedicated property manager, prompt responses, and regular feedback surveys, you can always reach us when you need assistance or have questions.

We provide comprehensive reports on finance, maintenance, and insurance, keeping you informed about the vital aspects of your property. Additionally, homeowners have the option to attend meetings for active participation in decision-making.

Unlike most property management companies, we never accept commissions from our suppliers. This leaves us free to negotiate the best possible prices for our clients. We work with a range of trusted local tradespeople to deliver high-quality services at extremely competitive prices. Your property is our priority, and work will always be completed quickly and efficiently to the highest possible standard.

The best property management doesn't just fix issues but prevents them from arising in the first place. With Sentry, you have peace of mind knowing that your developments assets are registered, inspected, and tested at regular intervals. Our experience allows us to help you avoid unexpected expenses and maintain the value of your investment

Changing factor to Sentry is easier than you might think.

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