Maintenance: Maintaining Your Built Environment

When you choose Sentry, you can expect a comprehensive range of professional facility management services, all tailored to your specific requirements.
At Sentry, we take pride in upholding the maintenance and upkeep of your building’s physical environments. From interior and exterior spaces to gardens, parking areas, stairs, lifts, and more, we ensure that all communal areas and shared facilities in your development are meticulously cared for – clean, well-maintained, secure, and risk-free.
When you choose Sentry, you can expect a comprehensive range of professional facility management services, all tailored to your specific requirements:
Regular Site Inspections: Our diligent team conducts routine inspections, proactively identifying and addressing potential issues to mitigate risks and maintain your property’s long-term value.
Tendering of Maintenance Contracts: We carefully review and tender maintenance contracts to secure the most suitable and cost-effective options from reliable suppliers known for delivering quality workmanship.
Service Delivery Monitoring: Your satisfaction is our priority. We closely monitor service delivery, ensuring tasks are completed promptly and meet our stringent standards of professionalism.
Prompt Building Repairs: If building repairs are needed, we act promptly, to maintain the functionality and integrity of your property while considering budgetary constraints.
Planned Budgeting for Major Works: Prudent planning and budgeting for major works are essential. Our experienced team guides you through the process, creating a well-prepared financial plan to minimise disruptions.
Compliance with Regulations: Your safety is paramount. We strictly comply with all current legislation, including Health and Safety regulations and Fire Safety standards, ensuring a secure environment for all residents.
Encouraging Resident Feedback: Your feedback is invaluable. We value open communication and continually seek your input to refine our approach and better cater to your specific needs.
At Sentry, we pride ourselves on being your reliable partner in maintaining your property. Our professional team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, and we always strive to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss how our expertise and management approach can protect and enhance the value of your property. Let Sentry be your trusted provider of property factoring services, ensuring your property is in capable hands.

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