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7 Reasons to Switch

Why more and more owners are switching to Sentry

We care about the value of your property

We always strive to provide the most connected, proactive, responsive and economical service we can for our clients. Our common aim is to ensure your building or estate remains an attractive place to live, allowing you to realise the maximum available increase in the value of your property.

We reduce annual insurance costs

By not charging commission we can reduce our clients expenditure considerably when they switch from other companies who add up to 35%. We also insure your block independently, protecting your premium against unfair increases that can occur when a property factor uses a portfolio policy.

We reduce repair & maintenance costs

We work with a network of independent local trades. Smaller and often family run businesses with lower overheads, who have established reputations for quality and cost. Compared to national companies and all-trade subcontractors some factors use, they can offer much more attractive rates.

We are more proactive than our competitors

We’re on-site more often, so that we can identify and deal with issues in their infancy, reducing the frequency of larger and more costly repairs. Our long-term maintenance and capital expenditure plans provide continual value for money and allow clients longer to save for expensive repairs.

We deliver a friendly and responsive service

We are a client focussed company and are always happy to take your call or meet with you on-site. As well as keeping you in the loop with regular updates on repairs and common business. We also offer leading response times to your communications – 24 hours compared with the standard 7 days. 

We value consultation and clear communication

Big decisions regarding your development are only made after thorough consultation with your owner group. We provide up-to-date information and professional advice, allowing you to make informed decisions about the management of your common property.

We listen and continually improve

Unlike most factors, we conduct annual service delivery reviews to ensure our clients are always happy with our service. Your feedback shapes the service we deliver at your development.


Sentry deliver a connected, proactive, responsive and economical management solution that protects the value of our customers properties and provides residents and guests with common areas that are safe and enjoyable to use. 

To discuss the management of your development, or for advice on how to transfer from an existing factor, get in touch with our team.

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